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Exciting weather is exciting
It's been wet! Really wet! Check out my inbox since around 5 today:
Exciting, huh? It was raining gently around 5 when Paul and I went to dinner, and when we came back. At 6:30 when I left to go up campus to the UC to teach the westcoast lesson, it was pouring soggy rabbits. I managed to stay indoors for most of the way, catching the beginnings of water seeping under the door in the NSH-Smith tunnel by the FRC, but had to exit at the Doherty lobby and make a run for it across, what, a hundred feet of open sidewalk? I had an umbrella. Didn't matter. I still got drenched. :) I had a change of shirt, but didn't even think about pants this morning -- and I was sodden from the knees down. Squishy sandals.

The lesson had a rocky start, but finished off fine once Mitch and I found our teaching groove again -- the right balance of humor, technique, and actually having people dance is an elusive thing. Anyhow, Shafeeq arrived shortly after 7 with news of serious flooding on greenfield ave along the park, raining inside the margaret morrison building, and flooding in the maggie mo parking lot to the point of submerged fire hydrants. We wrapped up the social dancing at around 8:30 to head home, and much of the water had receded although there were still road closures to avoid, and some bits of greenfield ave were being repurposed by nature as adhoc streambeds. But, we didn't get struck by lightning or battered by hail, there's no water damage to the house and only minor puddles in the basement (impressive given the flooding problems of previous basements I've been party to in pittsburgh, although it does help that we're on top of a hill), and we really should get around to cleaning out the gutters. The plants are all happy, and the tall ones are temporarily flat and I expect they'll pop back up when life dries out. The power flickered briefly, enough to knock out the oven clock and the desktop computer, but the jukebox and whatnot weathered it. Candles just in case. Masala chai with ginger. If I'd been thinking I might've put alcohol in it. Next time. And I got to watch the rest of the Colbert Report USO episodes, which were very sweet.

I hope Wean hasn't floated away. Winding through the lower levels felt very safe when the storm was raging and the lightning was close and the tornado warnings were adamant, but word on the txt network is the elevators got awfully wet, and water was coming into the hallways from people's offices -- no good.

But now, to bed.


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